What is an aptitude test?

An aptitude test is a systematic way of analyzing an individual's ability to undertake specific tasks. Aptitude tests generally assess a person's intelligence or his ability to reason rapidly and to think theoretically, it is also known as the ability to 'think on your feet'. It measures the learning ability of the candidate and the capability of performing a task.

The test assess different kinds of aptitude including


Verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning is a capacity to come up with the solution based on verbal information


Perceptual speed

It is basically to identify the to rectify errors and check the relevance of the information given.


Word meaning

Word meaning is the capability to understand written and spoken instructions.


Numerical reasoning

Numeric reasoning is the ability to come up with a solution based on numeric concepts.


Spatial visualization

Spatial visualization is the competency to work on the concept of visuals and shapes.

Practice Aptitude Test

  1. It is ok to be nervous if you are giving aptitude for the first time. Every individual wants to perform best. There are numerous platforms which can help you to practice aptitude test so that you would be familiar with the pattern as well as the concept of the test. But the practice test would differ from the actual test.
  2. It is important to understand the instructions while giving the actual test. You can complete the familiar questions first as given in the test and then complete further.

Numerical Aptitude Test

Numeric aptitude test is a critical aspect of the aptitude test. It analyzes the candidate’s ability to come up with the reason as well as a conclusion. It is apt for assessing mathematical knowledge. It is intended to measure the mathematical level.

Job Aptitude Test

Many organizations look for a variety of assessments to find the right candidate. Job Aptitude Test is a form of assessment which is apt to find a suitable candidate for the job. This kind of assessment improves the chance of finding a suitable candidate for the job.

Employability Certification test